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Solid Sheds

Project Description
Project description

Solid Sheds had a change in company strategy and therefore wanted a website with a number of custom modules and functionality to improve customer journeys. They also required a rebrand to appeal to a variety of larger audiences, and the addition of an SEO package to increase exposure.

RTD’s lead design team completely rebranded Solid Sheds, including a new logo, new website design, graphics for their offices and graphics for their vehicles. The new responsive site offers maximum exposure, meaning potential customers can easily find their website, view, and purchase their products.

Within this brief we were tasked with the focus on particular products to increase and drive sales, this resulted in over a 200% increase in sales. They have also recently won an award with the FSB for the “Retail & E-Commerce Business Of The Year”, this comes from some of the work we have done on the e-Commerce aspect of the business, which we are extremely excited about.

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