Why WordPress is the Way to Go

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Why WordPress is the Way to Go

In recent years, WordPress has become a platform that hundreds and thousands of businesses rely on in order to convey their brand online. At RTD we believe that WordPress simplifies the process of having a website, and so we’ve listed a few reasons why it might be the right digital solution for your business…


It’s simple and easy to use

Although websites can seem a little daunting for some people, WordPress is extremely easy to manage yourself. Whether you want to make a quick edit to a page, alter some content, or maybe even change an image, WordPress websites make it very straightforward to do these things.

Not only does it provide easy use for you as a business, it also has a great user interface, making it easy for your consumers to navigate their way around and find what they’re looking for.


You can make changes yourself

Following on from the previous point, WordPress makes it extremely easy and efficient to perform updates and changes yourself, as and when you want to. This also makes it a very cost effective option for business, as it means that you don’t have to pay a Web Developer to make the changes for you.

This could be anything from altering content, to uploading images, to posting new blogs. The independence and opportunity that WordPress provides makes these things simple and means that they can be done quickly.


It works well with search engines

Arguably one of the biggest perks of WordPress, is that it’s very compatible with search engines, and so brings lots of SEO benefits. For example, you can easily add in your own meta tags as well as optimise your site and content for specific keywords and phrases. As a result, your website will rank higher upon searches. WordPress designs also tend to be very well structured and get regularly updated, meaning that this works well with Google as it will push the site up higher in the rankings.


You can customise and personalise it

WordPress allows for much more freedom and control in choosing your website design. Regardless of what you want your site to look and feel like, there are a variety of designs and templates to choose from. This means that you can choose the right one to suit your business and convey your brand in the best way. As well as this, changes can be made frequently to make it more personalised, and you can also add a variety of plugins to enhance existing features.


It’s used and trusted by thousands

WordPress is trusted by thousands for its track record of high quality websites and designs. Each year, hundreds and hundreds of new websites are built with it, which is why at RTD we want to help our customers transform their business with a WordPress site.

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