Website of the Week: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Website of the Week: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a chain of over 70 restaurants across the UK and Ireland. They are renowned for their fresh, homemade variety of burgers served every day. Recently, our team at RTD worked hard to produce a website for them that represents the brand in the best way possible.


The Gourmet Burger Kitchen website is specially designed to provide users with an immediate understanding of the brand. It’s also important for encouraging people to visit their restaurants and the pictures throughout the website are a huge factor in making this happen. Each one of them is taken with extreme care and they all look very professional, which immediately captures people’s’ attention.

The features

When designing and developing the GBK website, our aim was to ensure that it provides users with everything they could possibly need and that it gives a good visual representation of the brand.


The homepage of the GBK website is very visual and welcoming. It immediately introduces brand. Furthermore, the banner offers brief but useful information, such as insights into menu’s and even seasonal features.


The menu is quite an essential part of the website. This offers users the chance to view all food and drinks served at GBK. It also highlights the wide range of options available to people with different dietary habits and preferences. For example, there is a gluten free menu, junior menu and an allergen menu. All of which show how GBK appeals to a wide audience and as well as this, it also offers nutritional information. This covers every basis and tells people everything they could possibly need to know about the food available.

Photos by you

The ‘Photos By You’ section adds quite a personal touch. This allows people who’ve visited the restaurant to have their picture featured on the website by simply using the hashtag #GBKBURGERS.

Find us

This feature of the website shows people where their nearest GBK restaurant is. By entering your postcode or the area of choice, you can find out the closest ones to you and how far away they are.


After finding out where your nearest GBK restaurant is, you have the option to book online. This allows you to make reservations for your restaurant of choice, whenever you want. Furthermore, there is also an option to take away from your nearest restaurant. To do this, you select the restaurant you want to pick up from, place your order, and go and collect your food!


As with every website, the contact page is one of the most important parts. This allows people to get in touch for whatever reason and have their enquiries answered ASAP.

Success so far…

In general, The Gourmet Burger Kitchen website is very popular. It’s on the first page of Google and shows up as the number one result, which means that it constantly gains traffic. The visuals on the website encourage people to attend their local restaurant and the personal touches give the brand a bigger personality.

How we helped

Originally, our team were approached to help with the Irish GBK website. The success of this project is what led to us being asked to also do the UK website. It was very exciting to get stuck into and we couldn’t wait to see the end results.

One of our Web Developer’s built the popular ‘find location’ feature, which has proven to be a big success with users. As stated above, this allows people to find their nearest GBK restaurant.

It’s important to us that with each site we build, we focus on the existing brand. We carried the brand across both sites for consistency. These days, everybody is online, so you need a good website that accurately portrays your business and what it is about.

Visit the Gourmet Burger Kitchen website here!

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