Website Not Bringing in Enough Leads?

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For many businesses, the main purpose of having a website is to raise their profile and open up to another platform where they can gain more sales long term. However, this isn’t always successful, which is why we’re here to help.

Is your website not quite doing the job? Could you do with a few extra leads? We understand the struggle, so here’s a few things you can do to help…


Improve your conversion rate

The conversion rate on a site means the amount of users pursuing the actions you want them to, and ultimately, how much business you receive from this. In order to generate leads, you need to be converting enough traffic through to your website. To evaluate just how well you’re doing on this front, you could get a conversion audit, which allows you to see whether your site is a success or not and what needs to be changed.


Try A/B testing

The best way to bring in leads through a high conversion rate, is to A/B test. This means creating different variations to find out what is most successful with your site users. Whether this is things such as call to action buttons, text, or requesting either a phone number or email address. By testing which works best with your audience, you can use this information to improve your current site and ensure that you get as many leads as possible.

Maybe your goal is to get contact details from visitors? Find out the best way to do this – perhaps they’d rather give an email address in exchange for something you can offer them for example. Furthermore, you should monitor overall site activity. Where are the drop off points? What can you do to prevent people leaving? Learn where users are most engaged and use this to make the right improvements.


Use trust signals

Trust signals instantly reassure your site visitors. These can be shown through things like awards or customer testimonials, as they show a customer that you’re good at what you do. As a result, they may get in touch and show their interest in your services, generating leads for your business.


Keep people engaged

Keeping people engaged on your website is crucial in generating leads. If you don’t capture their attention instantly, it’s unlikely they’re going to want to invest in your products and services. Try techniques like using visuals and getting straight to the point – give your audience what they want.