Our Thoughts on the Launch of Google Attribution…

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Google Attribution has been launched as a new and free tool to enhance Marketing for business. The main purpose of it is to help with the analysis of Marketing campaigns, so that companies are able to gain a better understanding and build their strategy.


Natalie Ostick, Head of Marketing at Cheshire-based, Results Through Digital, commented, “Google Attribution is set to be a dynamic new tool which will allow businesses to evaluate their target audience in a more concise and in-depth manner. Google Attribution is Google’s answer to giving people a more complete view of the customer journey from start to finish.


“Email campaigns, digital ads, TV spots and social promotions are among the many channels that businesses use to reach customers. As standard, whatever has “touched” a customer most before a purchase gets the credit. That’s the last-click model – it relates to a shopper’s click on an ad online.


“Google Attribution will bring in data across AdWords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Search without any additional tagging. This then allows you to run your selected attribution model across any device or channel. Google Attribution then automatically sends your reports back for quick and easy optimisation –  or so it hopes.


“Providing a free service that allows people to monitor results isn’t anything new for Google but Google Attribution has capabilities which many would expect to pay for.


“Put simply, you can monitor results at every stage of a campaign and determine exactly what influences a person’s buying decisions, so that you can put the appropriate actions in place and better filter targeted interests at every stage on the campaign. This real time analytical data and attribution model should provide customers with the right type of content, which specifically targets their interest and preferences.


“It remains to be seen how Google Attributions will affect businesses, but if early indications are anything to go by, it should allow marketers to have a better understanding of their campaigns and how best to build future successful campaigns.”