We’re Supporting WODAC This Christmas!

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We’re Supporting WODAC This Christmas!

As Christmas is a time for giving, we have arranged to support local charity WODAC over the festive period. WODAC is a community project that was set up in 1991 in response to increased concerns and awareness of the rise in homelessness and isolation in Warrington.

This charity is completely run by volunteers and they’re always looking for more help. There are several ways to support them in their mission to provide safe shelter, food and companionship to the homeless, lonely and vulnerable over Christmas.

Here at the RTD House, we will be acting as a drop off point for them in the next few weeks. We’ll be collecting much needed supplies and delivering them in time for Christmas. However, it’s just as important that people donate their time to help those at WODAC. They are looking for volunteers to offer their time and help out with a number of things each day. This will run from Friday 23rd December – Monday 1st January.

They require a range of items, such as pasta, warm clothing and fresh fruit juices. Their website offers a list of everything they need. Anything you can give will be a massive help to WODAC.

Visit their website for more details. We’re looking forward to helping out one of our local charities!

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