Our September Health Event

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Our September Health Event

Last week, we held one of our monthly health events. The turnout was fantastic and some very interesting topics and discussions took place. It was a good opportunity for people within the health industry to meet each other and relate common strengths and issues they face on a daily basis.

During the health seminar, we invited a few guest speakers to come and share their knowledge of growth in healthcare. These guest speakers included: Agnes Crutchard, Taz Aldawoud and Ian Sharp. Among these, some of the topics raised were very beneficial for others to learn about.

Agnes Crutchard from Medipex talked about the challenges and areas that need solutions within CCG. Furthermore, she pointed out that innovation is digital, but not just digital, and that specific areas are in need of solutions. In addition to this, Ian Sharp covered the topic of innovation and growth within healthcare and Taz Aldawoud spoke about uncovering the enigma of digital adoption in the NHS.

One task in this health event was to discuss the common challenges the NHS face with technology. This proved to be very interesting. Consequently, it allowed people to uncover where the major flaws were and learn where other organisations suffer.

One of the problems brought up in this discussion was data sharing. It was brought to attention that API’s between different systems aren’t open and that this needs to be legislated. Another issue was education. We need to educate younger people in these fields to allow them to secure a better understanding. Some of our attendees decided that social media is one way this could be successful. As we know, most young people use social media all the time. Therefore, this is a great place to teach them about healthcare.

Another issue brought up was a new software being used – ‘Lorenzo’. Some people were saying that they hadn’t had enough education on how to use this software in their own areas. This creates huge issues in clinical practice. A solution to this problem would be to gain some knowledge on how to use it properly. This is needed as it will enable staff to help patients effectively.

Overall, we discussed a range of crucial topics at our health seminar. A common agreement was that health apps are hugely important within the health industry. They provide patients with a whole new level of help and information and make it easier for doctors and nurses to monitor progress. Ultimately, the growth in healthcare really benefits from health apps and with time, they could become one of the top ways to deal with health concerns.


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