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RTD in the Press

We are very excited to announce that in recent months, we have formed new partnerships with some fantastic businesses. We’ve joined forces with local accountancy firm Brookson, as well as Global Filmmakers, who provide high quality video based services for their customers.


Each of these ventures have been done with the hope of us being able to help more and more SME’s become digitally able. We’re always evaluating what’s best for customers and making the appropriate changes to suit this, so we want to expand this into a new audience.


Recently our partnership with video service provider, Global Filmmakers, has featured in the press! This is great to see because the venture is something we’re really excited about. The Business Desk have published a story about the collaboration between RTD and Global, and it got to number one in the list of top stories around the UK.  


This was also similar around the time of the announcement about our partnership with Brookson, who are located on the same business square as us and had previously been a customer of ours. There were several articles released to inform people and raise awareness. The story of our partnership is interesting, as Brookson have gone from being a customer to a partner, and we’re really looking forward to working together in the future and seeing what we can do to help customers as effectively as we can.


Read more about our partnerships with Brookson and Global Filmmakers by following the links!

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