RTD Insights: Vicci on Customer Support

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RTD Insights: Vicci on Customer Support

I began working at RTD in 2008 as a New Business Executive. Within this job role I would get in contact with SME’s to offer the services that RTD provide, and advise them with the right digital solutions for their business. Following this, I quickly progressed through different departments in the company to lead me to the position that I’m in now, which is Head Of Client Experience. Working in different departments has certainly helped me to develop a greater understanding of the business, and exactly what it is that customers class as a 5 star service.

My day-to-day role involves managing the Customer Experience Team. Every day brings something different, but it always starts with a positive meeting in the morning to get everyone motivated for the rest of the day. I like to speak to and visit as many customers as possible and a lot of the time I will contact our customers just to check in and see how they are, as I feel that this is what Customer Support is all about. Not every call has to be about business, sometimes it’s important to just build a relationship and stay in contact with them. Every day now I am really pushing the team to live and breath our new core values as a company because I do believe in them and can see what a positive impact they make to each and every customer’s journey.

Customer Support has always been important but now even more so, as more and more competitors are joining the digital market and offering similar products. So what really makes you stand out as a business? From experience I strongly believe it is the Customer Service you provide. This should be the heartbeat of any business. To have all of your customers, if not a large percentage, come back to you year after year should be the sign of a fantastic business. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing your customers are renewing, because they want to and not because they have to.

Customer Support and the importance of this has evolved hugely over the years. Previously we had a very manual process that was governed by quite a tick box solution. Now in 2017, I feel that it’s hugely important for any business of any size to personalise their service and treat every individual as a human. Personalised service works so much better than when it’s robotic, as it enhances the relationship you have with the customer.  

Whenever there are any difficult client situations, I ensure that they are managed with complete empathy, understanding and calmness. Firstly, I will give the customer time and space to express their frustrations and understand the problem, without any interruption. It’s important to always remember not to take anything personal, as the customer is frustrated with the situation, not you as an individual.

I always respect the opinion of any customer, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. If possible, I respond to the customer’s problem with an immediate solution. However, if I can’t do this, I manage their account until the correct solution is put in place and they are happy again.

Feedback is like gold dust to any company, whether it’s good or bad. Every bit of feedback we receive is always responded to, and in a way that is suitable. Whenever we receive positive feedback, we always send an email and call the customer to say thank you, and similarly, if we receive negative feedback, we ensure that it is followed up and the correct actions are taken. Sometimes this means giving the customer a call to discuss the issue in detail, and see what we can do to help it. It’s so important not to ignore any negative feedback as this is a great way to understand the customer’s pain points and help solve the problem. No business is perfect and so it’s important for us to highlight any areas that need improvement and do all we can to change this.

I believe that all businesses should ensure that a customer has a journey mapped out for them, because this allows you to see your business through their point of view.  It means that you know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it. Transparency is one of the key things needed to build a long lasting and trusted relationship between a business and its customers.

At RTD, every customer’s journey starts with an introduction from their dedicated Customer Experience Agent. These are the people that will look after the customer throughout their whole journey with RTD and ensure that they are happy and we are always doing everything we can to deliver the best results. The customer also receives a personalised, handwritten card from myself to give them a big warm welcome to the RTD family.

This year I’ve been working very hard on looking at the processes we have internally as a business. Every process has been carefully crafted by myself and our Head of Marketing, Natalie, from point of sale, key touch points in the customer journey, and everything from operations to cancellations. The reason for introducing this is to ensure that our customers are receiving the best journey possible from beginning to end. I’ve also worked on a customer charter and our core values, because I feel that these are things every business should have, no matter how big or small. Since introducing the core values, it’s had a massive impact on how we service our customers and I’ve had some really positive feedback since putting them in place.

My team have developed immensely over the past 12 months. I’ve seen confidence grow in each individual, and the positive attitudes they have really makes me proud. They have all undertaken training to upskill themselves on the new products we offer, which has helped in submitting leads to the Sales team to generate revenue for the company. All of the Customer Support team have a great bond and understand the importance providing of exceptional customer service.

Moving forward I really aspire for the company to be recognised for providing the best customer service for our business sector in the North West. To do this, my plans are to recruit more staff so that we have a vibrant and large team of positive people that want to provide an outstanding service. I want to ensure that there’s ongoing training for the team so that they become the best in what they do on a consistent level.

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