RTD Insights: Nat on Marketing

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RTD Insights: Nat on Marketing

I’ve worked at Results Through Digital for almost four years now. When I first joined I was part of the New Business department, but since then I’ve worked my way up and completely changed direction. I have learnt so much about the business and our customers, and as Head of Marketing now, I use this to implement the most effective techniques.

I think the way we communicate and market to clients has improved significantly. Following my introduction to this role, my team undertook two months of research back in October and November to thoroughly evaluate the business and our customers. We did some brand personality exercises with Senior Management and also spoke to our customers to find out what they liked about us and if there were any areas they thought needed improvement. From this we developed a set of personas which has allowed us to maintain consistency in our tone, message and Marketing techniques.

From experience I believe that the more personalised the service, the better it is received and the more engagement comes from it. Because of this I try to make sure that we provide our customers with valuable information that will benefit them and help in their journey as a business. I also think feedback is really important, and so love to hear what they have to say.

My day-to-day role differs all the time. We generally work off a 3-6 month schedule as a team which ensures that we’re working in advance a lot of the time and staying on top of things. I do the marketing for RTD as a brand so my key roles include: Monitoring and acquiring new business leads, engaging with existing customers, social media marketing, content writing, taking involvement in both internal and external events, writing opinion pieces, and working with the wider community on projects like our Coding Club which we recently finished with Warrington Youth club.

My team has developed hugely this year. I work very closely with one of our Apprentices, Jess Bellmon, who has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months. Personally one of the biggest struggles we have within the digital space is the skills gap in Warrington. We’re forecasting a gap of around 1 million by 2020, so working with young people is extremely important. It’s been really exciting to see Jess upskill in different elements of marketing and grow in confidence this year.

Irrelevant of business size, marketing in any form is extremely important and should play a key part in your business plan. Even on a basic level, such as an updated Facebook profile with examples of your work, all of these things help to maintain a personalised brand image. From my own experience I would tell any business owner that the key to making your turnover efforts a lot easier is collecting data from every customer that you come into contact with, and using this for remarketing purposes.

As a department we’ve spent a lot of time working on our brand, touchpoints, voice, personality and really getting to grips with our customer personas. I feel that this has been HUGELY successful for us as a company, because we now have a greater understanding of our 12 month marketing and sales strategy.

Based on our efforts to develop a clearer understanding of the business and who we want to target, we have since developed a successful email marketing strategy which allows us to communicate with new and existing customers, solve problems, build value in who we are,  and deliver the best results for their business through education and collaboration. Really listening to their goals.

I work quite closely with our Sales Director Jonathan and Chief Technical Officer Chris to ensure that we’re always staying relevant and up to date with the best solutions for us as a department. I also spend a lot of time outside of work reading, networking and building my own knowledge set so that I’m always learning and applying these things in my work.

If I was to give advice to an SME in terms of developing the perfect digital strategy, the first thing I would say is to keep it simple. You are an expert in your field and your customers aren’t – that’s why they need your help! Secondly, I’d say to collect as much data as possible. This is essential in building your client lists and remaining in contact with people, whether that’s through remarketing offers, sharing advice, or even positive news and case studies.

For me, I think the most important thing to consider in digital marketing, is that if you buy cheap you will pay twice. If, as a business, you have goals, ambitions and targets, a real digital marketing company with a personalised service, offering you a full digital strategy, will not cost you £100 a year, nor should it. Services are priced in accordance of quality, and you must keep the end product in mind.

If you’re looking for something more small scale to start with, I would definitely recommend a strong email marketing system to communicate with your audience (Mailchimp is a good and affordable tool to do this), and a Facebook business page with reviews and images showing your client work!

My 12 month plan for RTD is to increase our brand awareness within the North West and dominate our market for the excellent service and results focused attitude we live by. I’d also like to build on our case studies to show all of our clients the results we keep achieving. As well as this I want to aid the Senior Management Team to consistently ensure that we’re creative in our field and leading the way with a great 360 service.

In terms of the team I’d like to recruit even more Apprentices as I think they have a great grasp on digital marketing already due to access to modern day tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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