RTD – A Family Business

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RTD – A Family Business

Established in 1999, RTD are a family run business passionate about helping SME’s grow in a digital world that changes quickly.The Wilson’s began the company after noticing a gap in the market that they thought needed more attention in order for SME’s to excel in their individual fields.

Two thirds of UK businesses are family owned. As part of this ourselves, we relish the opportunity to work with similar businesses and offer them the right digital help and support that over time we have understood to produce a great return on investment.

51% of SME’s are family firms, and around 30% of our existing customer base is made up of these. Although we welcome the opportunity to work with all kinds of businesses, it’s important to us that we place a heavy focus on SME’s of this sort as it allows us to develop a greater understanding and perform in collaboration with businesses just like ours.

As an example, one of our most valued customers Prospect Coaches is entirely family owned and run. We were tasked with building a brand new 10 page responsive website for them along with one of our SEO packages following recommendation in order to help them better engage with their customers and increase traffic to the site. The results have been continuously impressive and we’ve built a great relationship with the Prospect Coaches family. Since the site went live with web marketing, we managed to achieve first page positions for all of the clients key-phrases, with a 628.54% increase in enquiries to the site.

Nathan Hadley from Prospect said: “We went to RTD to speak about how we could engage with our customers through our website. We built a good relationship with them and it was never just a name at the end of the phone, you get to know the team personally. It’s always nice working with somebody you know.”

It’s always great for us to see success through following our three step mantra:

  1. Solve Problems
  2. Add Value
  3. Deliver Results

Building a relationship with each of our customers is significant in generating the best results. With Prospect Coaches, we really got to know the family and understood exactly what they wanted, and from our own journey, were able to provide a suitable solution and personalised service.

In the future we would like to collaborate with even more family owned SME’s and provide a faultless service. Although a large portion of the SME market, we believe that there aren’t enough family businesses seeking the great opportunities in digital that are available to them.

If you’d like to chat with some of our team, get in touch here.

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