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RTD Coding Club

We are now in our fifth week of the RTD Coding Club, a unique opportunity for the young people of OnSide Warrington Youth Club to develop skills around designing, branding, developing and coding a new website for the youth club.


Our support group offers a 12 week course for up to 15 people aged between 13 – 17 years old. We felt that RTD could really help and give a fantastic experience to these young people. We’ve done this through offering our knowledge, expertise and facilities.


Jamie Wilson, CEO & Founder of Results Through Digital said: “It was fantastic to welcome the young people to RTD House. There’s plenty of work ahead but their attitude was brilliant. With our help, I’m confident we’ll produce something really special for OnSide Warrington Youth Club.”. He also went on to say that “Improving the digital literacy of our young people is integral to the growth of Warrington. The digital sector is worth seven percent of the country’s economy, so it’s vitally important to educate young people on the benefits of learning key skills in this area”.


We have formed this community programme in partnership with OnSide Warrington Youth Club, and we’re really excited to see the continued results from it. “We all know how important digital skills are, but without the help of RTD we just wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a high quality programme to teach them.” says Dave McNicholl, who runs the centre. “The team at RTD is providing the opportunity for many of these young people to consider a career in the IT industry.”




All of these young people have set goals that they want to achieve throughout the time of the course, be that personal or in terms of the project. We have already seen a great amount of enthusiasm and passion from them, and are sure that they will produce a fantastic final project.


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