RTD Apprentices: Meet Tom

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RTD Apprentices: Meet Tom

At Results Through Digital, we are passionate about creating as many opportunities as possible. This means helping people to develop in their career and gain experience in a role suited to them. One way we like to do this, is by supporting young people in their first steps of working life.

We currently have two Apprentices working with us, and today we caught up with Tom to see how he’s getting on and the progress he’s made so far. Tom is a Front End Web Developer Apprentice, and here’s what he had to say about working at RTD…


How long have you been at RTD?

I’ve been at RTD for about 5 months.


Why did you choose this Apprenticeship?

I chose this Apprenticeship because after my initial interview, everyone I’d spoken to at the company were friendly and supportive, as well as interested in my own learning. Web Development had been something I was interested in beforehand so this seemed like a great opportunity to get involved and do so working alongside good people.


What sort of things do you do in your role?

Day to day tasks in my role include designing and building websites using WordPress software, as well as maintenance on existing sites such as updating information, altering certain settings to be more up-to-date etc. Other work I do includes things like setting up email accounts for customers, altering website designs as customer’s request, and aiding in other technical issues that need to be resolved.


What have you learnt during your Apprenticeship so far?

So far I have learnt about creating a website on a couple of different platforms and the general process behind starting to create a website and how it is set live and becomes publically accessible. I’ve developed design skills as well as providing a quality service for our customers. Within specific training from this Apprenticeship, I’ve learnt about using WordPress in Web Development and logical computer programming techniques.


What have been the highlights of your Apprenticeship?

I would say some of the biggest highlights of my Apprenticeship so far has been getting nominated for learner of the week twice in my training courses. From that, I’ve also been nominated for learner of the month by my manager. Aside from this, I have enjoyed seeing how my own design skills have developed over the past few months. I’ve received good feedback on a number of recent websites I’ve designed.


What have you achieved during your time here?

Some of my achievements here have been consistently sending out work to our customers on or ahead of time, while still ensuring this work has been at a high standard. Another achievement has been passing my technical courses from my Apprenticeship, some with a distinction.


What are your plans for the future?

I hope to continue improving my skills and to carry on with Web Development after my Apprenticeship has finished, possibly by continuing on to another higher-level Apprenticeship.

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