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Prolific North Live

Prolific North Live

This week our Head of Marketing Natalie Ostick and Enterprise Exec Katie Brough went to Prolific North Live at Eventcity in Manchester. It was a really insightful and interesting day about the progress of the digital industry. We were glad to take on board all of the information provided.

Throughout the day there were various workshops and educational talks taking place from influencers and people within the industry. This ranged from small businesses in Greater Manchester to big names like the BBC and Google. All of which covered things from top tips and statistics to advice and techniques helping businesses get one step ahead in the digital marketplace.

Director of Marketing at IAB, Alex Kozloff, spoke about why we need digital marketing. She also covered the smartest way to reach and impress your audience. She believes that when planning a marketing strategy, you must follow these three steps: Smartest, reach, wow. Think about the best way to get your message out to the audience, how you’re going to reach them, and if it will impress them.

Another interesting topic was statistics within digital over the past few years along with future predictions. It was revealed that in 2015, £8.6billion was spent on digital advertising. When broken down, results showed that 51% went on paid search. Furthermore, we learnt that 84% of us over 6+ are online, spending an estimate of 3 hours 9 minutes every day.

Mobile was another common touchpoint during the day. There is a 43% spend on mobile which highlights the importance of this kind of marketing. Without catering to mobile users, businesses could miss out on appealing to a huge audience.

We also heard from Aaron McGrath who is a sales director at Bing Ads UK Microsoft and James Nesbitt from Google. James is a BDM who goes out to businesses to offer support and define the best acquisition channels through Google. He covered video, search, conversion and web and how to retain good ROI.

We found this to be a very beneficial event to us. It emphasised the importance of using digital as providing to the audience.

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