Visiting The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

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Visiting The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

Last month, two members of our team traveled down to The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge to assist a customer with how to use a control panel. We designed the website a while ago and wanted to ensure that the customer fully understood how to make changes on it. Furthermore, we also took some new and updated photographs around the property!

The customer, Anne Mary Robinson, found this visit to be very helpful. As a result, she expressed her gratitude on Facebook with a generous 5* review:

“This was an extremely helpful day, I’m very grateful. It was the best thing to have Jessica doing the website with/for me. Now, I have a better understanding of how to change or add things myself. I just wish this had happened months ago. The difficulty we had getting onto the website was the only small concern. We succeeded in the end, but hopefully it won’t be like that every time I want to work on it. Thank you”.

We were delighted to hear that she felt this way. Ultimately, our goal was to successfully resolve the issues she was having with her website.

The Old Farmhouse is located in the quiet village of Cheveley, just a few miles from the racing town of Newmarket. It has a 5* rating on TripAdvisor and it’s clear to see from the comments on there that people leave feeling very happy with the service.

We really enjoyed meeting this customer face to face. Giving a hands on tutorial of the things Anne Mary was struggling with while talking her through it was much more beneficial. You can visit The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast website here. We also gave Anne Mary some help with her Facebook page.

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