National Apprenticeship Week 2017

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national apprenticeship week

National Apprenticeship Week 2017

Here at RTD, we like to provide as many opportunities as possible. This includes offering young people a starting point in their chosen career path and allowing them to progress among a highly qualified team. We currently have four Apprentice’s all working in different departments. Seeing as it’s National Apprenticeship Week, we thought we’d have a chat with them and find out what they think!


I joined RTD as an Accounts Assistant Apprentice after doing some work experience. Once I’d finished, I was offered the position full time. I chose to do an Apprenticeship instead of going to college full time as this means I’m not only gaining the qualifications, but also the work experience which will benefit me long term.

My role entails the basics of Purchase Ledger. So, posting invoices into Sage, matching up and posting the credit card statements, completing bank reconciliations in Sage, processing the direct debits and I have recently took on the daily task of auto renewals. Aside from this, I also help out around the office when I can.

What I like most about being an Apprentice is that I can learn skills in college and then come into work and apply them. It’s also been a good opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

I’ve learnt lots since starting my Apprenticeship. I know how to use and operate Sage correctly as well as taking on other skills such as phone manner and good communication. I also know how to process direct debits and auto renewals.


I joined Results Through Digital as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice through The Juice Academy in Manchester. I was invited to an interview day where around 15 employers from different businesses attended. Throughout the day I had to do various tasks and was offered the job with RTD at the end of it.

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because university didn’t appeal to me. I wanted to gain experience and learn on the job. When I heard about The Juice Academy Apprenticeships I thought it sounded quite different and was a really good opportunity to do something I have an interest in.

My jobs include scheduling and writing posts for all of our social media accounts, blogging, assisting with email campaigns, entering awards and generally helping out with other marketing tasks.

I like the fact I can learn in the workplace and get good experience, all whilst gaining qualifications and receiving support both inside and outside of the office. I’m always doing different tasks and learning how to do new things. I think this gives me a good head start in my career. I’ve learnt a lot since starting my role like understanding the target audience and knowing when they’re most active, using programs like Mailchimp to send email campaigns, and how to upload and optimise blogs with WordPress.


I joined RTD as a Junior iOS Developer after finding out they were a local business offering a Level 3 Apprenticeship course for Software Development. This was something I thought would really appeal to me and be a great opportunity.

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because it gives me much more experience and better skills than I would have gained from going to university. It has allowed me to discover what it’s like to work in an office role. Furthermore, I now have experience as part of a Development team for a wide variety of projects.

In my job role, I work as part of a team to deliver iOS applications to our clients. These applications may be created completely from scratch by us or only require updates and fixes for an already existing project. In either case we must spend time to produce viable solutions for our clients’ needs.

The best part about being an Apprentice is the opportunity to learn from the team members around me. As well as this, I’m also able to have additional training outside of the workplace to further develop my skills. As well as this, I can add to my CV with the projects I’ve worked on and the solutions I’ve created for our clients.

Since I began, I’ve learnt how to develop mobile applications for iOS. Not only this, I’ve also learnt how to work as part of a team. This includes collaborating with other team members to ensure consistency across our different products. As a result, it has given me the opportunity to vastly increase my knowledge of programming for the programming language I use daily and of those that are used around me.


I joined RTD as a Front End Web Developer Apprentice through Baltic Training Services. University didn’t particularly appeal to me and I wanted to start getting experience in a working environment. This role allows me to do something I enjoy and progress further down the line as well. While I do want to gain experience working, I also want to keep learning about Software and Web Development. So, this kind of Apprenticeship seemed very well suited to me.

Day to day activities for me include completing basic designs for clients’ web pages and changing these to how the client specifies. I also take these designs from a basic single page design to a functioning website. Other roles in my work include making changes to sites that are already live, and aiding customers in controlling their websites themselves.

The thing I like the most about being an Apprentice is the variety of work I’m doing. There’s a great range of tasks to complete, within almost any given day. Along with this variety I am continuously improving my knowledge and skills.

Although early in my Apprenticeship, I have already learnt about the process of constructing a website. As well as this, I’ve also seen and how the client is involved throughout this process. I’ve also learnt more technical points such as how to code at a higher level with html and css.

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