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Visiting the team

Yesterday, Client Managers, Craig and Danny, made a quick trip down the M6 to visit Becky and the team from My Little Angel to finalise their marketing strategy for the next 12 months. They have been a customer of ours since the beginning of the year and already, we’ve made a lot of progress and had some very exciting conversations about the future of the business.

Since January, the team at RTD have been working hard on building My Little Angel’s website, that has now gone live, along with logo and branding for the company. They were delighted with the result and said that our designer, Josh, captured everything she wanted.  

The elements of the logo intertwine together to create something energetic, colourful, approachable, trustworthy and representative of the imaginative approach to childcare that Becky is undertaking. She is extremely happy with the outcome and believes it represents the brand successfully.

To our surprise, Becky provided us with a branded mug along with other branded gifts for Client Manager Danny’s 5 month old daughter. This was a really nice touch and we look forward to continuing to work with Becky and the rest of the team at My Little Angel in the future.

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