4 Ways to Make Your Audience Click with a Strong Call to Action

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4 Ways to Make Your Audience Click with a Strong Call to Action

Call to actions are a popular marketing technique that can often take time to master. The purpose of them is to make an audience perform a particular action, and they usually have a positive result for both the business and the audience.


Make sure you’re providing value

Every call to action should provide value to your audience – why should they do what you’re asking? In order for your call to action to be successful, the audience need to know what they will gain from clicking on it, and why it will benefit them. So, wherever your call to action is placed, may that be in an email, or on a website, you should have information leading up to it that highlights why your audience should click on it.


Think about the positioning

It’s no use just placing your call to action wherever you feel like. It needs to be somewhere that will stand out and grab people’s attention. A good way to do this is by putting it somewhere surrounded by lots of negative space, as this is where your audience will be immediately drawn to. The right positioning can be the difference between somebody ignoring your call to action, and somebody clicking it.


Is it clear and consistent?

Before you even decide that you’re going to use a call to action, it’s important that you know exactly what your aim is and why. Perhaps you want somebody to sign up to your newsletter, visit a landing page, or take up a special offer. After deciding on this, you need to streamline the message. Tell people why they should do what you’re asking, and what they will gain from it, and following this, send them to a clear and consistent call to action.

Make your call to action the same, and repeat it where necessary. Realistically, it needs to be big, bold, clear and bright. A good example of this is using orange, as this is proven to result in a higher click rate, because it’s bright and stands out against a plain background.


Try it more than once

Once isn’t always enough when it comes to asking people to do something for you. So, place your call to action carefully. For example, if you sent out an email asking people to visit a landing page, you may place a call to action near the top of the email, and one right at the bottom. This way, if there is possibility that they may drop off before getting to the bottom of the page, you have engaged them immediately at the top. Alternatively, if they read through the whole email, it will lead them to the call to action at the bottom, prompting them to follow the information and click on it.


The success of a strong call to action can result very positively for your business. Depending on what the purpose of it is, it can increase conversion and sales, and the overall following of your brand. Therefore, ensuring that it is strong and designed to grab your audience’s attention is key in getting the result that you want.

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