Our Journey with Fletcher Stewart

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Fletcher Stewart

Our Journey with Fletcher Stewart

We worked with family run business Fletcher Stewart in helping them change their brand for the better. This included building a totally new, bespoke eCommerce website. As well as this, we designed a logo. The aim was to accurately represent the business and portray them in the best way possible.

Fletcher Stewart specialised in the distribution of products to the Forestry and Arboricultural industry. However, they were so passionate about servicing quality products that they wanted to expand the market in which they did this. Through hard work and progression of the business, they have now entered into other market sectors such as Industrial Work Safety and the Outdoor Leisure industry.

In order to direct clients away from the forestry image they portrayed and appeal to a wider variety of markets, they required a new website to fully define their brand identity. Therefore, they approached us here at RTD. We then offered our help and expertise to ensure that their end goal was reached.

By establishing and combining the brand values of Fletcher Stewart and researching into their target markets, RTD transformed their logo and website and provided a completed brand pack to be rolled out across the company.

The team at Fletcher Stewart were delighted with the results. CEO & Founder, Nigel Fletcher, said: “Overall we are really happy with the work done by RTD and have completely absorbed ourselves within the new look and feel of the business. We are currently rolling this out in ways of branding our new office space to match the outstanding work RTD has done for us.”. This was great for us to hear. We’re glad the work we’ve done is having such a positive impact on their business.

Our team worked very closely with Fletcher Stewart. This was to ensure that we all had a precise and agreed understanding of where the brand needed to go. This enabled us to tailor all of our work to their specific needs. As a result, Fletcher Stewart ended up with the best results possible. Since going live, the website has been very successful and the new branding has enhanced confidence in users. So far, the new website has resulted in a 200% increase in revenue. It’s fantastic to see such positive results from our hard work and the effect it’s had for Fletcher Stewart. We continue to offer help wherever they need it and are sure that their success will continue!


You can visit the Fletcher Stewart website here.

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