Huge Congratulations to our Client Solid Sheds

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Solid Sheds

Huge Congratulations to our Client Solid Sheds

Our client Solid Sheds scooped three awards last night. The Crowne Plaza hotel in Liverpool hosted the awards and we’re pleased to hear of the success. This was for part of the “FSB Experts in Business” Awards. They won each award they were nominated for, which was great to see.  This is an extremely exciting time for Solid Sheds as they continue to grow their service offerings digitally.  The awards hosted around 300 small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the region. There were roughly 24 categories, such as business of the year, customer service and environmental best practice.
The awards won by the team over at Solid Sheds include: “Manufacturing & Engineering Business Of The Year”, “Retail & E-Commerce Business Of The Year” and the “Business of the Year (10-50 Employees)”.  Here at RTD, we are particularly excited about the “Retail & e-Commerce Business Of The Year” award as we continue to grow our clients online presence using social and web marketing methods over the next 12 months.
Again, well done to all of the team at Solid Sheds on your much deserved successes!
To see more of what they do, you can visit them here

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