How to generate quality leads from Google for your kitchen company

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Lead Generation for Kitchen Companies

If you have a kitchen company, leads are vital. But what is even more critical is generating quality leads that turn into paying customers.

The last thing you want to be doing is chasing weak prospects. Every weak lead you pour energy into is wasted time you could have spent on high-quality leads. Although you may get fewer leads overall, your sales ratio will be much improved.

Here are three ways to generate quality leads from Google and say goodbye to time-wasting non-qualified leads.

  1. Target your content

Time is money, so you need to ensure that the leads you have are likely to convert, no matter how much or little you have. By targeting your content to those who are at the quotation stage, rather than the research stage, you can ensure more conversions.

It is vital that you publish quality, keyword rich content that will ensure high rankings with Google, while giving your target leads confidence that your kitchen company can meet their needs.  From customer reviews and recommendations to How To blogs, by targeting your content, you can give your customers the push they need to contact you.

  1. Make the conversion as easy as possible

Prequalified forms are a great way to save time, allowing you to get all the information you need from your prospects to ensure they are a high-quality lead and serious about doing business with you. You can also find out what stage they are in the sales process with a prequalified form which will enable you to target your marketing efforts effectively.

Next, to make the conversion as easy as possible and to stop your potential customers from giving up and going elsewhere, make sure it is quick and easy for your high-quality leads to obtain a quote from you.

  1. Create a killer landing page

Your landing page is vital when it comes to converting high-quality leads and can be the difference between your customer contacting you or clicking away and going elsewhere.

If you are utilising Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, make sure you bring your website visitors to a high converting landing page that has great content and testimonials from past customers, as well as a form for them to contact you. Many customers now rely on customer reviews and testimonials before deciding to buy so ensure you have a process to collect customer reviews once their new kitchen is installed.

To find out more generating quality leads from Google for your kitchen company, request a FREE Digital Audit and find out how effective your website really is in generating leads.