Exciting Times for Cheshire Virtual PA

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Cheshire Virtual PA

Exciting Times for Cheshire Virtual PA

Yesterday, we met with Andrea from Cheshire Virtual PA. She came down to RTD House to have a chat with our Head of Client Experience Vicci, Head of Client Management Craig, and Adam from our Web Design team in order to discuss plans with her business’ website moving forward.

Cheshire Virtual PA have been a customer of ours since 2013. They came to us shortly before launching the business in July 2014 and Andrea has been working tirelessly ever since to get it to take off. She is dedicated to making it the best it can possibly be. Furthermore, she understood the importance of having an online presence and knew that a website would be a great asset for the business.

At first, we gave Cheshire Virtual PA a basic 2 page website to aid them with their initial plans. However, Andrea decided that she wanted a more advanced package. So, with the help of our team, she upgraded to something a little better.

As a result, Andrea has now moved onto a bespoke 10 page responsive website with marketing. All of our team are very excited to see the results of this for her business. Cheshire Virtual PA on Facebook said:

“Exciting times ahead for us. We are having a facelift to our existing website, watch this space. We WILL be on first page of google, guaranteed!! Lots of creative work to be discussed today.”

“Out with old, in with the new!! I’m upgrading my old website to a bespoke one. Really looking forward to working with Web and Graphic Designers from Results Through Digital (RTD) in the coming weeks. My branding will stay the same but the site will be built using a different design, with full optimisation. Soooo excited. Can’t wait to share.”

This is a really exciting project for us. We look forward to working on it with Andrea and the team at Cheshire Virtual PA. She has some great ideas about her business and we’re glad we can help with building their digital strategy, turning some of her ideas into reality.

Visit the Cheshire Virtual PA website here. 

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