How Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Business

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Customer service is an extremely important thing to master in business. Your customers are a fundamental part of your brand, and so treating them well is one thing you can’t afford to fail on.

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should be putting customer service to the top of the list of priorities within your company…


It builds trust and long term customer loyalty

Having good customer service really does encourage people to continue investing in your brand. If you’re providing high quality service, your customers will be more willing to spend money and continue working with you, because they’re receiving a good experience from doing so. Furthermore, it shows that you care about more than just taking money from them and trying to make sales, and that you actually value their loyalty.


Word of mouth, it’s the best way to get new customers…

There are many ways to promote a business, but you could argue that none of them work quite as well as word of mouth. If a customer receives a consistently good service from you, they are likely to spread the word and recommend you to others. As a result of this, you will acquire new customers.


It reflects positively on your brand

Good customer service reflects very positively on your brand, and there’s no doubt about it. It reduces the number of unhappy customers, and ultimately leads to a more successful business. If people are happy with the service they have received from you, it’s likely that they will send positive feedback and leave good reviews online.

Once you have mastered the art of great customer service, you will start to stand out from other businesses. It shows good morals and dedication to company values and missions. Alternatively, bad customer service can reflect very negatively on your brand and lead to a poor image, ultimately turning any potential customers away.


It’s all about the customer experience

Taking time to care for each person that comes into contact with your business personalises the customer experience and can exceed their expectations. Making the customer journey pleasant and memorable will make you stick in people’s minds, encouraging them to stay on board with you and tell others about the great service they’ve had.


Customer retention is more valuable than customer acquisition

Although not all businesses understand this, customer retention is a lot more valuable than customer acquisition. Happy customers are a lot more likely to buy from you than new ones. It’s more important to prolong the lifetime of the customer journey than it is to try and get new customers. As well as this, it’s much more cost effective, too. More often than not, retaining customers increases their average spend and buyer frequency.

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