How to Boost Social Media Engagement

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Social media engagement is important for any business. Building yourself a profile on social media could help you find new clients as well as remaining in touch with existing ones. This is why it’s important to get engagement on your posts – so that you can reach out to more people.


When are your audience most likely to be active? Do research about the best times to post online and furthermore, experiment. Post at different times and see when you get the most engagement. This will determine when you need to post in the future in order to get the most interaction from your audience.

Ask questions

Always ask questions! Whether it be about trending topics or things relating to your business, ask things that will make your audience think and get involved. Furthermore, respond to their answers and use this as an opportunity to converse with them.

Follow people

Following people is always going to bring you more engagement, irrespective of how much or how little. By following people, it’s likely they’ll be curious and click on your profile to find out more. If they like what they see, they could potentially become a new client.

Know your audience

Post about things you know your audience are going to be interested in. Sounds obvious, right? But if they’re not interested, they won’t engage with your posts. After establishing who your audience are, decide on an appropriate tone. Although you’re a business, you don’t want your posts sounding too formal and robotic. Be a bit lighthearted now and again – this makes your business page look friendly and approachable, which will ultimately result in more engagement for you.

Use videos and images

Videos are a great tool for increasing social media engagement. Lots of people would much rather watch something than read about it, so using videos will engage your audience and maybe even pull more interest into your business. Images also give engagement a massive push. Your followers are much more likely to share a post with an image than one with just plain text.


When you get an interaction on social media, whether it be a message, comment or review, respond. The quicker the response the better, but it’s important that you respond correctly. If, for example, somebody leaves a bad review and raises an issue, answer it in depth and tell them where and how they can get help. Although bad reviews typically damage your reputation a little bit, if anyone viewing your channel can see that you’re responding to it well and trying to help, it will leave a good impression.

Engage with other accounts

Engaging with other accounts is just as important as getting engagements for your own. If you see another account post a question or content that relates to your business, answer them and tell them your opinion. Furthermore, if you’re talking about another business or company, tag them! This is a good way to get retweets or shares from them, which as a result could bring more of their followers to your page.

Also, it’s always good to jump on trends if you can make it relevant to your business. Whatever’s trending is being talked about by lots of people, so get involved! Using hashtags helps people find your tweets easier and if you’re posting about something they’re interested in, it’s likely they’ll take an interest in you. Hashtags are a great way to spark conversations, but using too many in one tweet may look like spam.