RTD Insights: Mitch on New Business

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I first started working at RTD back in January 2013 as a New Business Executive and from what I remember, there was never really an emphasis on marketing to New Business clients. We generally spent a lot of time calling new prospects, but now the digital industry has transformed and times have changed and the way we market to our customers has moved with this.

We now tend to take a more personalised approach and find that this works really well for us. With our three step mantra of 1) Solving Problems, 2) Adding Value and 3) Delivering Results, we have built a more refined and efficient system to deal with each and every customer that ensures we are always delivering the greatest results and return on investment.

My role has developed quite a bit since I started at the company. Once I’d succeeded within the New Business role, I went onto managing existing clients. This involved updating them throughout their journey with us and seeing to any problems or enquiries that they had. I then managed the team for a period of time before moving onto taking control of our platinum accounts, and then finally landing where I am at the moment.

I have a responsibility to work with our clients every day. My day-to-day job of running an account includes liaising with other departments regarding performance, contacting the customer to ensure that I keep them updated with the work we’re doing and any improvements that we recommend.

Something I place a real focus on when managing any client, whether that be existing or New Business, is ensuring that I build a great relationship with them and really get to understand their business. This helps me to provide the right digital solution for them and means that I can get a grasp of the direction their business needs to be heading.

With each client I work with, I approach conversations differently depending on the industry that the customer works in. This could be anything from the tone of my voice to how much detail I go into regarding the packages. I try to find the most suitable approach for every client I come into contact with.

Not only do I keep in regular contact with our customers but I’m also responsible for my own revenue target, and helping the team to reach theirs. As welI as this I track KPI’s, provide training on developing skills around new products, and help with any recruitment.

The team has been in transition for the past 12 months or so. There used to be two different strands of the business; one bringing in new business and one dealing with existing clients. However, each member of the team is now upskilled to a point that if they bring a new client on board, they can manage these themselves. From a team perspective, I think the introduction of scripts and training has been essential as we have added new products, to ensure that we can educate our clients to the best of our ability.

In the future I foresee members of the team having all of the required skills to bring on new business, upgrade existing clients, manage the new clients that are brought on, and sell over the phone as well as face to face etc.

I believe that all businesses should have a website presence online. This shows them in a professional light, but is also a matter of compliance now for self employed businesses to prove their business from a tax point of view.

I see a lot of our customers really benefiting from having a website. Some of these include Prospect Coaches, Viceroy Coaches, and B and D Fencing, they have very good positions on search engines and continue to invest in the site as a result of the fantastic performance.



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