Why 2017 is the Year for Video Marketing

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Video is set to take over 2017 with its exploding popularity and persistent demand. The evolution of video means that people now expect to find information about your business in this format and are more likely to indulge in visual over text-style content.

Accessible to everyone

Video marketing is a lot more easily accessible than it used to be. For a start, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune anymore as there are cheaper alternatives now. So, if it costs you very little or no money and your business profits from it, you’d be a fool not to use it!

Establishing trust

If used correctly, video can instill trust into your audience. Customers tend to prefer video as an advertising method as it’s more reassuring and trustworthy. It almost acts as evidence and provides them with a real life view of the message being conveyed. This is something that text-based content cannot do, therefore making video the practical go to. Furthermore, customer testimonials are something you should consider in a video format as it makes their opinions more human and also more reliable.

Engaging the audience

Video is dominating business as a whole new way to communicate with your audience. The best thing about video is that it tells a visual story, resulting in higher engagement. The freedom that comes with video means that you can make it as fun, creative and interesting as you want. It ultimately makes the process of digesting information much easier for customers.

Live streams

The ever-growing popularity of live streams since last year means that it can only be heading upwards. Live video is now, which makes the whole idea of it very personable because people feel a part of what’s happening. It creates a sense of urgency, meaning that your audience generally want to watch along. Furthermore, Facebook have heavily invested in their ‘Facebook Live’ feature, making it more and more common for users to divulge.

Increasing sales

Video is the future of content marketing. Therefore, it’s the thing that’s going to win over the most customers and make the most money for your business. According to this article, a staggering 90% of users said that product videos are a lot more helpful and contribute towards the purchasing decision process.


In recent years, 360-degree videos have started to emerge and since more people have found out about it, more have been jumping on board with the hype and making their own. 360 videos give viewers a different kind of experience and immediately evoke more interest from users than the average video. It makes them more inclined to click on the video and essentially, explore. A study showed that “the average percentage of people who viewed a 360-degree video was 28.81% higher than for the same video in a non 360-degree format.”