5 tips to get more qualified leads for your kitchen worktop company

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Getting qualified incoming enquiries are the backbone for all kitchen worktop businesses. Whether it be for replacement kitchen worktops or bespoke work surfaces for new or existing kitchens –  without any qualified leads, your business would be dead.

You can’t build a gorgeous website and set up social media profiles and expect everyone to automatically find you. You have to do the work needed to be found and then show them how superior your kitchen worktops are to your competitors.

Here are five tips that will ensure your quote pipeline is full with qualified incoming leads so that you win more business.

1. Know your ideal customer

Having a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is is essential to help you reach the right people with your marketing.

Marketing channels such as Facebook offer very clearly defined targeting that allows you to reach the right customer.

Think about your top 10 customers and draw up a profile based on their demographics, behaviours, interests, income and life status. This will be a great starting point to help you clearly communicate who it is you want to reach.

When you clearly communicate who you serve the best, who you want as a customer, and how you can help them, it becomes much easier for others to:

  • Recognise themselves as a good fit for your services
  • Refer other people they know who would be a good fit
2. Understand your client’s buyer journey

In order to create the right blogs, videos, case studies and photography for your website and social media, you need to understand the journey your customer takes from the initial enquiry right through to after-sales care. The typical journey might be:

  • Awareness that they need a new kitchen worktop
  • Consideration of possible options and solutions
  • Evaluation of the best choices by getting recommendations and quotes
  • Decision and appointment of worktop company

You will need to have a range of content to satisfy each stage of your customer’s buying journey.

3. Create video case studies

Video case studies are a vital business asset in today’s competitive market. First and foremost, they get your customers to tell others how good you are in an engaging format.

Case studies in a video format are much more convincing to watch than reading a quote from someone. They are also way more captivating and are emotionally easier for your customers to connect with, making your audience more likely to take action after viewing it.

4. Engage with your ideal customer on social media

Investing in paid social media marketing for your business WILL get more quotes for your business. Period. The key is getting the ads right and making sure they reach the right people.  This is a skill we’ve practised and perfected for the kitchen industry. So whether you’ve never dipped your toe in the water with paid social media, or you’ve tried to set it up yourself and had limited success, we want to turn things around for you.

5. Create a system for quote follow-ups

Identify what material you need to follow up effectively on the quotes you are sending out.  Your potential customers may need to see more examples of your work or see testimonials from your existing customers before they make a decision.

Keep in touch with all your potential customers through email marketing with good visuals, sales-driven copy and clear reasons to buy. This will keep your business top of mind and encourage them through the sales process.

If you want to generate more qualified leads for your kitchen worktop business, contact Results Through DigitalWatch our video case studies of companies LIKE YOURS we have helped generate more business for.