5 Free Ways to Track Your Business Enquiries

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Receiving business enquiries online is good, but do you know anything about where these have come from? How people found your site? Or why they require help? Keeping track of things like this is important. It means you can start to see common trends, allowing you to target people in the right places.

We’ve come up with a few simple ways that you can monitor your business enquiries and keep them under control…


Trackable phone numbers

Using trackable phone numbers is perhaps one of the smartest things you can do in business. By putting various numbers in different places, you can monitor each time they’re used, which is a great way to see where your leads are coming from.

Trackable phone numbers simply allow you to monitor when and where calls come from, so that you can use this to evaluate the best way to get customers for your business. As a result, this allows for a much more effective marketing strategy because you can develop a clear understanding of where a large portion of your audience are active.


Enquiry forms

Enquiry forms can be used in multiple places, whether it be through emails, landing pages, on your website, or even through social media. With each of these, you can monitor where they’re being accessed from. Trackable form completion also shows you if and when people drop off and the form is discarded. Is there a reason they’re not filling out the whole thing? Use the information you collect to make the necessary improvements and keep them engaged.


Google analytics

With the assistance of Google Analytics, you are able to track organic search traffic from Google. This means you can collect information such as where visitors have come to your website from. Perhaps they’ve come from listings, or maybe your social media pages – knowing where the majority of your audience are coming from means that you can invest time into targeting them effectively.



With each enquiry you receive, it’s important to backtrack and obtain all the information possible so that you know how and why they’ve ended up there. Furthermore, to track general activity, you could use unique codes that allow you to monitor when they’re used. As a result you will know exactly where each person has come from.


Collect contact details

Do you have a specific area on your website for people to leave their contact details? If so, this makes it very easy to track where specific enquiries have come from. Having a contact form or a section that says to ‘get in touch for details’ with a box for visitors to leave their contact information means that you can document these and find out when it’s being used.